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A play, a fall, a broken leg, and a play reborn

With a degree in English, Joseph Morris was involved in a number of theater productions as a young man. Later, after his ordination as a Roman Catholic priest in his first parish, he coordinated the creation of an ensemble performance of the Gospel of Mark called Mark-on-Tour. The 16 actors performed eight performances in churches in the Archdiocese of Atlanta in 1997. Many of the same actors came together again three years later — plus 10 children — and performed it as an ensemble six times at the Church of the Transfiguration and called it Mark 2000: The Millennial Gospel.

Two years later, a broken leg requiring two surgeries and a long bed-ridden recovery provided the opportunity for Fr. Joseph to revisit the Gospel of Mark. This time, he decided to memorize the entire Gospel himself and research how it might be done as a one-man performance.

During those five months, he read every commentary he could find on the Gospel of Mark and books on one-man shows. He attended solo shows such as of the Gospel of John performed by Bradley Sherrill and listened closely to his advice. He discussed his idea with Dr. John Gentile, a professor of drama at Kennesaw State University.

When the first performances of Mark's Gospel LIVE were booked in the fall of 2002, the intention was to perform just one season. But in the years since, Mark's Gospel LIVE has been performed hundreds of times throughout the U.S., U.K., and Canada, including at Westminster Cathedral in London.



This non-denominational production is for everyone and anyone. There is no set fee for Mark's Gospel LIVE, just a free will offering during intermission. See BOOKING


Upcoming performances include stops in Florida, Mississippi and Michigan. See EVENTS.


Fr. Joseph Morris, who works as the full-time chaplain at Kennesaw State University’s Catholic Center in Kennesaw, Ga., also paints when he is not performing Mark’s Gospel Live. See his website to view his work in abstract oils.



Fr. Joseph Morris
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