Both our children and adults were mesmerized, as if we were hearing the story for the first time.
— Rev. Bob Hudak, Rector, Episcopal Church of the Nativity, Fayetteville, Ga.
Thank you for the tremendously powerful performance. Those who were there have been talking about it all week — a most moving event — a real talent for communicating the Gospel to today’s world.
— Rev. Andrew Sinclair, Rector, St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church, Verwood, Dorset, England
Joseph has a passion for the Gospel of Mark ... his program was a joy and a challenge for my congregation.
— Rev. Lewis Archer, Sr. Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Centre AL
I hope that your other church visits were just as successful as ours ... so many say what a wonderful event it was, and it obviously had a great impression on them ... next time you come, I am sure we could double the audience!!
— Rev. Canon Jeremy Oaks, St. Mary's Anglican Church, Canford Cliffs, Dorset, England
The fact that Rev. Morris has committed the gospel to memory would have been enough ... his single-handed dramatic performance made it remarkable.
— Rev. Greg Kenny, Pastor, Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Stone Mountain GA
What a gift Mark’s Gospel LIVE was for our parish and for me personally ... the performance was stunning.
— Rev. Jim Pritchett, Rector, St. John's Episcopal Church, College Park GA
An amazing presentation ... with attention to the voices of women and marginal voices ... filled with life, humor, passion, and intensity ... making the gospel breathe with contemporary relevance ... making us all a part of the story, not just observers.
— Rev. Bradley Schmeling, Sr. Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church, Atlanta GA
The congregation was thrilled ... a moving portrait of Christ ... one I highly recommend for any parish or school gathering of any denomination.
— Rev. Tim Donahue, Pastor, Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Macon GA