Booking ‘Mark’s Gospel LIVE’

This production is non-denominational. The Gospel of St. Mark is for everyone and anyone. 

There is no set fee for Mark's Gospel LIVE, just a free will offering during intermission. For venues outside the North Georgia area, assistance with airfare (the cheapest we can find), local transportation, and lodging (spare room or economy motel) would be helpful, but if not, let's work something out. For venues that prefer to sell tickets or charge a fee, again, let’s talk.  Evenings are usually best, but exceptions can be made, particularly with performances within two hours by car.


 Mark's Gospel LIVE can be performed in any church, auditorium or theatrical space. All that is usually needed is a wireless microphone and two wooden chairs. Extra lighting is always welcome. The performance normally takes place near and within the center aisle, in front of the front rows, and among the people gathered.

Many children have enjoyed Mark's Gospel LIVE. Though the first half of Mark is often emotional, humorous, and light-hearted, the second half includes the horror of crucifixion, so parents should use their discretion.

The performance runs about two hours, including a ten-minute intermission.

I do benefit performances for Atlanta-area food banks/shelters, as well as other organizations. A percentage of any revenues will be donated to the Catholic Center at KSU where I am chaplain.